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Vijay Nagar kingdom emergence

Vijay Nagar kingdom emergence:
Vijay Nagar Kingdom and the city was founded by Harihar-I and Bukka-I (Sons of Sangama). Harihar and Bukka were brought to the centre by Mohammed-bin-Tuglaq, converted to Islam and were sent to south again to control rebellion. Harihara and Bukka founded the Vijayanagar Empire in 1336 on the advice of Vidyaranya.


Vijayanagar’s arch rival was bahmani with home it fought over Tungabhadra doab (between Krishna and Krishna-Godavari delta) and Marathwada. Vijayanagar-Bahmani contest was started by Bukkar I in 1367 when he attacked the Bahmain fortress at Mudkal. Vijayanagar was told by following four dynasties.

  1. The Sangam dynasty (1336-1485)
  2. First Usurpation: The Saluva dynasty (1485-1505)
  3. Second Usurpation: The Tuluvu dynasty
  4. Third Usurpation: The Aravidu dynasty
Reasons For Growth Of Vijayanagar Empire
  1. Growth in agriculture and trade in the territories of Karnataka.
  2. Chola State was finished.
  3. Early VijayNagar expansion Cape at the expense of great Hindu kingdoms such as Hoysala states of Karnataka and the Reddi kingdom of Kondavidu in Andhra
  4. These northern warriors drew resources from the newly overrun areas by way of tributes
  5. Small warriors of nayakas over the leading political figures in the general States and European sources referred to the acquisition and shifting of some parts of the resources commanded by them to the capital city in the form of tribute.

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