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Unit of Mass

Mass is a basic property of matter.
It does not depend on the temperature, pressure or location of the object in space. The SI unit of masses kilogram.

In practice following multiples and some multiples of local are used.

1 gram(g) = 10-3 kg
1 milligram (mg) = 10-6 kg
1 tonne(t) = 1000kg = 103 kg

Unit of Mass 2
Unit of Mass 2

Unified atomic mass: While dealing with atoms and molecules, the kg is inconvenient unit. In this case, there is an important standard unit of mass called the unified atomic mass unit (u) which is:

1 unified atomic mass unit =1 u = (1/12) of the mass of an atom of carbon–12 iso-top including the mass of electrons = 1.66 x 10 -27.

Unit of Mass
Unit of Mass

Range of masses

Objects Mass (kg)
Electron 10-30
Proton 10-27
Uranium atom 10-25
Red blood cell 10-13
Dust particle 10-9
Raindrop 10 -6
Mosquito 10 -5
Grape 10 -3
Human 10 2
Auto-Mobile 10 3
Boeing-747 aircraft 108
Moon 10 23
Earth 10 25
Sun 10 30
Milky Way galaxy 10 41
Observable universe 10 55

Type of mass :There are two type of masses:

  1. Inertial mass and
  2. Gravitational mass.

The inertial mass is the characteristics of the body that determines its response to an external force in accordance with Newton’s law of motion whereas gravitational mass is the characteristics of the body that appears in the Newton’s law of gravitation.

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