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Table Tennis Facts

  • This game was started in England in 1880s. International Table Tennis Association’ was established in 1926.
  • The first match of the Table Tennis World Championship was played in 1927.
  • Table Tennis was introduced in the Olympic Games much later in 1988 at Seoul (S. Korea).
  • Table Tennis Association of India was formed in 1938.
Table Tennis Facts
Table Tennis Facts
Some important measurements in Table Tennis
Length of the table 2.74 metre (9 feet)
Width of the table 1.52 metre (5 feet)
Height of the table 76 cn
Weight of the ball 2.4 to 2.53 gram
Diameter of the ball 37.2 to 38.2 mm
Colour of the ball White or Yellow

Some important terminology in Table Tennis :- Foil, End line, Late control, Flat hit, Block stroke, Service, Penholder grip, Back spin, Centre line, Half Court, Side spin, Swing stroke, Push Stroke, Rally, Let, Reverse, Top Spin, Drop shot, Lob, Chopped return, Counter hitting etc.

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