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Solar System Facts

Solar System: Some important Facts

Solar System Facts
Solar System Facts
Biggest Planet Jupiter
Smallest Planet Mercury
Nearest Planet to Sun Mercury
Farthest Planet to Sun Neptune
Brightest Planet Venus
Nearest Planet to Earth Venus
Hottest Planet Venus
Coldest Planet Neptune
Red Planet Mars
Biggest Satelllite Ganymede
Smallest Satelllite Deimos
Blue Planet Earth
Morning Star Venus
Evening Star Venus
Planet with a Red Spot Jupiter
Brightest planet outside Solar System Sirius (Dog Star)
Closet Star of Solar System Proxima Centauri
Fastest rotation in Solar System Jupiter
Slowtest rotation in Solar System Venus
Fatest revolution in Solar System Mercury
Slowtest revolution in Solar System Neptune

Solar Family: Some important Facts

Member Revolution period(Days) Rotation period(Days) No. of Satellites Density (Water=1)
Mercury 88 58.65 0 4.80
Venus 224.7 257 0 4.85
Earth 365 1.0 1 5.52
Mars 687 1.03 2 3.95
Jupiter 4333 0.41 63 1.33
Saturn 10759 0.43 60 0.69
Uranus 30686 0.45 27 1.36
Neptune 60188 0.66 13 1.30

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