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Shah Jahan (1627-1658) Facts

Shah Jahan (1627-1658) Facts:


After putting an end of the short reign of his nephew, Dawar Bakshi, the son of Khusru, Shah Jahan found himself in undisputed possession of the throne in 1627 when he was at the age of 36. After he became emperor, he exhibited modernisation as a ruler. Married to Mumtaj/Anjumand Baanu Begum-1612.

He had to face two revolves, at Bundelkhand and Deccan. Jujhar singh, the son of Bir Singh Bundela, revolted in Bundelkhand, difficult to region to the south of the Yamuna.

Share Jahan pursued the Mughal designs of the complete conquest of the Deccan. However, it could not be completed during shah Jahan. Shah Jahan’s policy towards Central Asia was to secure a position of Qandhar which the Persians had re-occupied during the Jehangir’s reign. He occupied Badakshan and Balk in 1646.

During his reign, the authority of the Emperor was not seriously challenged and there was no foreign invasion. In the history of Indian art, it was a golden age. In religion, Shah Jahan’s intolerance destroyed the political solidarity of the Empire in Aurangzeb’s reign. Administration as also economic conditions were deteriorating. Although the Imperial system blog imposing, there was a laxity in the central supervision and control. Foreign trade was prosperous, but it was profits were enjoyed by a small class.

Architectural development by Shah Jehan
  • He was the most prolific and magnificant builder.
  • Mosque buildings activity reached its climax in Taj Mahal at Agra. Ustad Isa was the master architect under whose guidance, the Taj Mahal was designed and constructed in Agra. It constructed took 22 years. He also built the Jama Masjid (sand stone) in Delhi.
  • Many stone buildings were destroyed by him and replaced by marble.
  • He laid the foundation of Shahjahanabad in 1637 where he built the Red Fort and Taqt-i-Taus (Peacock Throne)
  • Shah Jehan built Nahar-i-Faiz.

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