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Poverty and unemployment

  • Poverty line is defined on the basis of nutritional standards. The list calorie intake is fixed at 2400 Cal/person/day for rural area and 2100 Cal/person/day for urban area. The people below these nutritional is an income standards are considered to be below the poverty line(BPL).
  • Presently 24.4% population in India is below poverty line. It is 24.36% in ruler India and 24.50% in urban areas. National Sample survey Organisation(NSSO) conducts this survey.
  • Unemployment simply means a situation when able and willing people are not getting jobs as per their own capabilities

Green Revolution

  • Indian Green Revolution is associated with the use of HYVS(highly yielding variety seeds), chemical fertilisers and new technology which led to a sharp rise in agriculture production during the middle of 1960.
  • The term “Green Revolution” was given by American scientists, Dr William Gande.
  • During the middle of 60s, Indian agriculture scientist developed a number of new highly yielding varieties of wheat by processing wheat seeds imported from Mexico. A similar improvement in variety of rice was also observed.
  • The credit of this goes not only to Nobel Laureate Dr. Norman Borlaug, but also to Dr MS Swaminathan
Revolution Area
Yellow revolution oil seeds
White revolution milk
Blue Revolution Fish
Pink revolution Shrimp/Meat
Brown Revolution nonconventional energy resources
Grey revolution wool
Golden Revolution horticulture

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