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Khilaft Movement

Khilaft Movement: The Indian Muslims were incensed when they discovered that their loyality had been purchased during the War by assurances of generous treatment of Turkey after the war- a promise British statesman had no intension of fulfilling. The Muslims like the Ali brothers, Muhammad Ali Hasrat Mohani and Shaukat Ali and Maulana, Abul Kalam Azad had organised a Khilafat party.

Khilaft Movement
Khilaft Movement

Gandhiji decided to extend their support to the Khilafat movement as this was to him and apportion duty of uniting the Hindu and Muslim. October 17, 1919 was observed as Khilafat Day when the Hindu united with Muslims in fasting and observed a hartal on tht day. Gandhiji was elected President of the All-India Khilafat Conference which met at Delhi on November 23, 1919. They decided to withdraw all cooperation from the government if their demands were not met.

Khilafat Issue
During the First World War, Turkey was allied with Germany and Austria against the British. The Indian Muslims regarded the Sultan of Turkey as their spiritual leader, Khalifa, so naturally theysympathized with Turkey. After the four, the British removed the Khalifa from power and fragmented Turkey. Hence, the Muslims started the Khalifat movement in India for the restoration of the Khalifa’s position. The main demand was – Khalifa’s control should be retained over the Muslim scared places.

The Khilafat movement lost its relevance after Mustafa Kamal Pasha abolished Khilafat and made Turkey a secular state in 1922.

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