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Jehangir (1605-1627) Facts

Jehangir (1605-1627) Facts:


Ain-E-Jahangiri is the collection of Jehangir 12 points on judicial probes. Jehangir was not without the imperial ambition of his father and early years of his reign ‘s are some important military successes. Bengal had never been reconciled to the vassakage of Delhi and the frequent change of governors gave the local Afghans opportunity to rebel. In 1612, Jehangir saw the need of earning the goodwill of the plans in order to disarm them against the Mughals. He therefore, followed a conciliatory policy.

Most military success of Changi and was his trimph over the Rajput’s of Mewar. In 1613, Jehangir personally proceed to Ajmer to guide the expedition, the supreme commander of which was given to Prince Khurram. Though the Rajputs displayed dauntless heroism, the suffered heavy losses. That pretty that was signed between the Rana and the emperor (1615) recognised Jehangir as the suzerain of Mewar.

At the end of his reign, his son, Shah Jahan, rebelled against him. Another crucial event of his reign was that when he fell ill, his main queen Nur Jehan, took an active interest in the matters of state. Even the coils were issued jointly in the names of Jehangir and Nur Jehan. A skilled connoisseur of Persian art and paintings. Jehangir patronised the best painters of the period like Abul Hassan and Mansur who load uprecedented emphasis on scenic beauty, birds and beasts.

Architectural development by Jehangir
  • Nur Jahan built Itimad-ud-Daula’s (another name of Mirza Ghiyas Beg)Marble tomb at Agra, which is noticable for the first use of peitra dura made up of semi-precious stones technique.
  • He built Moti Mahal in Lahore and his own Mausoleum at Shahdara (Lahore)
  • He also changed the plan of Akbar’s Tomb at Sikandara. It is an unusual tomb as it is not surmounted by a dome and built ont he model of a Buddhist pago

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