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Humayun (1530-1556) Facts

Humayun (1530-1556) Facts:
Humayun succeeded the Babur at the young age of 23. When he occupied the throne, he found himself surrounded by enemies on all sides. In the east were Mahmud Lodhi and other Afghans under share Khan. In the South was Sultan Bahadur Shah, and the ruler of Gujarat, and in the north-west, Kamran, the younger brother of Humayun.

Humayun’s early expedition were against Kalinjar, Jaunpur and Chunar.


Humayun Expeditions:-

  • Expectation of Kalinjar (1531) : Humayun besieged the fourth of Kalinjar in Bundelkhand. Humayun was forced to make peace and accept a huge indemnity from the Raja.
  • Battle of Dauhariya (1532) : Humayun defeated Mahmood Lodi, the Afghan of Bihar.
  • Siege of Chunar (1532) :Humayun besieged for fort of Chunar under Sher Shah, who offered nominal submission. It proved to be a mistake on the part of Humayun to accept it.
  • Wars with Bahadur Shah (1535-1536) :Bahadur Shah annexed Malwa in 1531, captured the fourth of Raisin and defeated the Chief of Chittor in 1533.
  • Battle of Chausa (1539) : Humayun’s return to our was blocked by Sher Shah. Both armies delayed the attack and rains started. Leaving the Mughal encampment flooded. Humayun was defeated.
  • Battle of Kanauj (1540) : After reaching Agra, Humayun and his brother Kamran decided to fight Sher Shah but due to the differences between the brothers, Humayun for the Battle of Kanauj and lost. Humayun became a fugitive and Sher Shah became the ruler of Agra and Delhi.
Architectural development by Humayun
  • He laid the foundation of the city Din Panah at Delhi.
  • Humayun’s Tomb is called the prototype of Taj Mahal. It has a double dome of marble, while the central dome is octagonal. It was built by his widow Haji Begum

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