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Hockey Facts

  • ‘Blackheath Rughy and Hockey Club’ is the first hockey club in the world which was set up in the year 1861 in England.
  • London ws the first city in England to popularize this game in the 1870s.
  • In the year 1886, Hockey Association of England was formed in London.
  • the apex institution of hockey is ‘Federation Internationale de Hockey’, which was established on January 7, 1924, with headquarters at Vienna (Austria), which was later shifted to Paris (France). The first International Hockey Match was played between Wales and Ireland in Rayle on June 26, 1895.
  • Hockey was introduced in the Olympic Games for the first time in 1908 in London.
  • Indian Hockey Federation (IHF) was formed on the 7th November, 1925 at Gwalior.
  • Since 1944, National Hockey Championship is organised by the IHF every year.
  • All India Women’s Hockey Federation was formed in 1947.
  • India took that part in Olympics for the first time in 1928 (in Amsterdam Olympics)
  • In Olympics, India has won the hockey title a maximum of 8 times. The first World Cup Hockey was played in Barcelona in 1971.
Hockey Facts
Hockey Facts
Year Place Winner Runners Up India’s Position
1971 Barcelona Pakistan Spain Third
1972 Amsterdam Holland India Second
1975 Kuala Lumpur India Pakistan First
1978 Buenos Aires Pakistan Holland Sixth
1982 Mumbai Pakistan West Germany Fifth
1986 London Australia England Twelfth
1990 Lahore Holland Pakistan Tenth
1994 Sydney Pakistan Holland Fifth
1998 Utrecht Holland Spain Ninth
2002 Kuala Lumpur Germany Australia Tenth
2006 Germany Germany Australia Eleventh

The World Cup 2010 to be held in New Delhi.

Some important measurement in Hockey
No. of Players 11 players in each team
Length of Playing field 91.44 meters
Width of the Playing field 50 to 55 meters
Weight of the Ball 155 to 163 grams
Circumference of the Ball 223- 224 cm
Colour of the Ball White
Weight of the Hockey (Stick) 280 grams (max)

Some important Terminology in Hockey :- Advantage, Back-stick, Bully, Carry, Dribble, Dodge, Goal line, Green Card, Flick, Free hit, Face of Stick, Jab Stroke, Lung Stroke, Melle, Off side, Penalty shoot out, Short Corner, Striking circle or Shooting circle, Square pass, Tackling, Through pass, Under cutting, Stick, Penalty stroke, Scoop, Side line, Tie breaker, Penalty, Under cutting, Volley, Centre forward, Roll in, Push in, Shooting, Half volley, Full back etc.

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