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Foundation of Indian National Congress

Foundation of Indian National Congress: The birth of Indian National Congress in 1885 is an important event in the history of India. The liberation movement got a new aspiration and motivation through it. Previously, movements were organised only at the local or regional level, now for the first time they got a national base. Educated middle-class which drew inspiration from the Western liberal and radical thought led the national movement.

In the first page (1885-1905), the prison of the Indian National Congress was not clear. The moment was confined to a handful educated Indians.


During the second stage (1905-1918), the National Congress got its same and scope to an all-round upliftment of the people-social, cultural, economic and political. Swaraj or self government was made the call of National Congress.

The final stage (1919-1947) was dominated by the objective of Purna Swaraj or Complete independence. The dynamic leadership of Gandhiji with a unique method of nonviolence was finally able to shrink of the British Empire. Aim and Objectives of the Congress

  • Promotion of the friendship among the countrymen.
  • Development and consolidation of feeling of national unity irrespective of race, caste, religion and provinces.
  • Formation of popular demands and presentation before the Government through petitions.
  • Training and organisation of public opinion.
  • Consolidation of sentiments of national unity.
  • Recording of the opinions of educated classes on pressing problems.
  • Laying downlines for future course of action in public interest.


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