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Formation of the Muslim league

Formation of the Muslim league:

The separatist and loyalist tendencies among a section of the Muslim nawabs and landlord reached a climax on 30 December 1906, when the All India Muslim To make was founded under the leadership of Aga Khan, the Nawab of Dhaka and Nawab Mohsin-ul-Mulk.

The League comprised big zamidars, ex-bureaucrats and other upper class Muslims. Founded as a loyalist, communal and conservative political organisation, the League made no critique of colonialism supported the partition of Bengal, raised the slogan of sepearate Muslim interests, demanded separate electorate’s and safeguards for Muslims in government services and reiterated all the major themes of communal politics.

Formation of the Muslim league
Formation of the Muslim league

The main aim of league was:

  • To promote among Indian Muslims feeling of loyalty towards the British government and to remove any misconception, that may arise, as to the intention of the Government with regard to any of its measures
  • To protect the political and other rights of the Indian Muslims and to place their needs and aspirations before the Government in temperate language
  • So far as possible without pre-justice to the objects mentioned above, to promote friendly relations between Muslim and other committees of India.

To increase its usefulness, the British also encouraged the Muslim league to approach the Muslim masses and to assume their leadership. It is true that the national movement was as also dominated at this time by the educated town-dwellers but in its anit-imperialism..

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