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Famous Explorations

Achievement Explorer (Year) Nationality
Possible the first European landfall in North America Ericon, Leif(1003) Norse
Travels in Central Asia and China Polo, Marci (1271-1295) Italian
Voyage around the Cape of Good Hope Dias, Bartholomew (1487) Portuguese
Exploration of the Caribbean Columbs, Christopher (1492-1504) Italian
Landfall in Canada, with his Brother Sebastian Cabot, John (1497) Italian
First to sail around Africa to India DaGama Vasco (1497-98) Portuguese
First sea journey around the world Magellan Portugusese
Conquest and Exploration of Mexico Cortes, Fernando (1519-1521) Spanish
Conquest and Exploration of Peru Pozarro Francisco (1530-1538) Spanish
Discovery of Tasmania and New Zealand Abel Janszoon (1642) Dutch
Exploration of the South Pacific Cook, James (1768-1779) English
Exploration of Southern and Central Africa Livingstone, David Scotish
First north-south crossing of Australia Burke, Robert O’Hana (1860-1861) Irish
Exploration of Central Africa Stanley, Henry Morton (1874-1889) Welsh
First man to reach the North Pole Peary, Robert E (1909) American
First man to reach the South Pole Amudsen Ruald (1911) Norwegian
First man to orbit the Earth Gagarian, Yuri (April 1961) Russian
First man to step onto the Moon Armstrong, Neil (July 1969) American

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