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Facts about Tripura

Area 10,419.69 sq km
Capital Agartala
Population 31,99,203
Principal Languages Bengali and Kokborak

History and Geography: Tripura has its unique tribal cultural and a fascinating folklore. The history of Tripura can be learnt from ‘Rajmala‘ chronicles of kings Tripura and writings of historians. There are references of Tripura even in the Mahabharata and the Puranas. According to ‘Rajmala‘, the rulers were known by the surname ‘Fa‘ meaning ‘father‘. There is a reference to rulers of Bengal helping Tripura kings in the 14th century. Kings of Tripura had to face frequent Mughal invasions with varying successes. They defeated the sultans of Bengal in several battles. Nineteenth century marked the beginning of the modern era in Tripura when king Maharaja Bir Chandra Kishore Manikya Bahadur modelled his administrative set-up on the British India pattern and brought in various reforms. His successors ruled Tripura till 15 October 1949 when the state merged with the Indian Union. Initially, a part ‘C’ state, it became a centrally administered territory with the re-organisation of states in 1956. In 1972, Tripura attained the status of a full-fledged state.

Tripura is strategically situated between the river valleys of Myanmar and Bangladesh. Encircled almost on three sides by Banglades, it is linked with Assam and Mizoram in the North-East.

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