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Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)

Science drives the nation in peace and war. Impact of science in any country is mainfold namely social, strategic and financial. The vision of DRDO is to empower India with cutting-edge defence technologies. It has the mission of achieving self-reliance in critical defence technologies and systems by indigenisation and innovation while equipping the armed forces with state-of-the-art weapon systems and equipment.

DRDO came into existence in 1958. It was the amalgamation of Technical Dev Establishment (TDEs) of Indian Army and Directorate of Tech Dev and Production (DTDP) with Defence Science Organisation (DSO).

drdo logo
drdo logo

DRDO is headed by Scientific Advisor to Raksha Mantri (Defence Minister), SA to RM, who is also the secretary, Deptt of Defence R&D; and Director General, R&D.; The Sa to RM is assisted by 7 Cheif Controllers. The organisations has a two tier system, viz., the Technical and Corporate Directorates at DRDO Bhawan, New Delhi; and laboratories/establishments located at different stations all over the country. The following is the organisational structure of DRDO. Dr DS Kothari was the first SA to RM.

  • Total No. of Labs/Estts- 52
  • Manpower Training Institutes-3
  • Integrated Test Range for Performance evaluation-2

The responsibilities of DRDO can be consolidated under the following categories:-

  • Design,development & lead to produce state-of-art Sensors, Weapons Systems, Platforms and allied equipment (Strategic systems, Tactical systems, Dual Use technologies)
  • Research in Life Sciences, to optimise combat effectiveness and promote well-being of service personnel in harsh environment
  • Develop infrastructure and highly trained Manpower for strong defence technology base.

Some of the major Contributions of DRDO have been the following:-

S.No. Systems System Development/Accepted/Introduced
1 Missile System Agni, Prithvi, Brahmos, Dhanush, Trishul, Akash & Nag
2 Naval Systems HUMSA, USHUS, TAL, Torpedoes-fire control system and Advanced Experimental.
3 Electronic Systems SARARI, ACCCS, Surveillance Radar, SUMUKTA, SANGRAHA, WLR, SV-2000, CIDSS, CNR and Indra
4 Combat Vehicle and Engg. MBT, Arjun, Armored, Engg recce Vehicle(AERV) Bridge Layer Tank, Armoured Amphibious Dozer, SARVATRA, Trackway Expedient Mat Ground Surfacing, Armoured Ambulance BMP-II, Career Mortar Tracked on BMP-II & Operation Theatre Complex on Wheels
5 Aero Systems LCA, Lakshya Pilotless Aircraft, Nishant UAV “Tempest” EW Suite, Tranquil Reader Warning Receiver (RWR), Tarang RWR Project Vetrivale, High Accuracy Direction Finding (HADF) RWR, Jagur Mission Compter & Bheema 1000 Aircraft Weapon Loading Trolley
6 Armament Systems 5.56mm INSAS (Amn. LMG & Rifle), Pinaka-Multibarrel Rocket Launcher System, FSAPDS Mk-I/II Ammunition, Influence Mines Mk-I, Multimode Grenade etc.
7 Materials AB Class Steel for Naval Applicaton, Titanium Sponge, NBC Protective, Clothing/Permeable Suites, Extreme cold weather Clothing systems, Blast Protection Suits, Synthetic Life Jacket, Anti Riot Polycarbonate Shield, Anti Riot Helmet, Brake pads for Aircrafts, Heavy alloy Armour Penetrator Rods, Jackal Armour, Kanchan Armour, Spade M1.
8 Life Sciences Systems Life Support Systems for Army, Navy and Airforce Personnel, NBC Canister, Water Prison Detection Kit, Portable, Decontamination Apparatus, NBC Filters/ventilation systems, First Aid Kit, CW Type A/B, Decontamination kit/solution.

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