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Beginning of Communalism

Beginning of Communalism: Communalism is basically an ideology. It is the belief that in India Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians form different and distinct communities. Inherent in communalism is the second notion that the social, cultural, economic and political interests of the followers of one religion and dissimilar and divergent from the interest of the followers of another religion. When the interest of the followers of different religions or of different religious communities are seen to be mutually incompatible and hostile, communalism is said to be ai its apex.

Thus at this stage the communist assert that Hindus and Muslims cannot have common secular interests, and their secular interests are bound to be opposed to each other.

Apart from the Hindus and Muslims, there was third-party in the communal crying girl-the British rulers who interposed themselves between the Hindus and Muslims and thus created a communal triangle of which they remained the base.

Spread of communalism
  • Communalism spread as the result of British policy of divide and rule.
  • The separation of electrorates for separate committees was created through the constitutional acts
  • The act of 1909, gave weightage to the Muslims in the Legislative Council Elections. Similarly the act subsequently passed gave weightage to the Depressed classes among Hindus, Sikhs etc
  • The spread of communism among the Muslims, Hindu and six made the question of Indian nationalism knotty
  • Yet, a considerable number of members of each community was Petro Tech and was on the side of the Congress.
  • Sometimes, the nationalist leader like Tilak, Gandhiji etc used religious overtones which also let to fanning the problem of communalism.


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