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Basic Sports Terminology


Some important measurement in Wrestling
In International Competitions there is a circular area with 9 metre diameter with circle in the centre of 1 metre diameter. Competitions played on a mattress, the mattress is 1:1 metre diameter high

Some important terminology in Wrestling :- Heave, Half, Nelson, Rebuts, Hold sager etc ————————————————————————————–


Some important measurement in Chess
The number of squares on a chessboard 64
Colour of the squares White and Black

Some important terminology in Chess :- Bishop, Gambit, Checkmate, Stalemate, Pawn, Grand-master etc. ————————————————————————————–


Some important measurement in Golf
Diameter of the hole 4 inches

Some important terminology in Golf :- Bogie, Fore some, Stymie, T, Put hole, Nib lick, Caddy, Limns, Iron, Putting, The green, Bunker etc. ————————————————————————————–

Water Polo

Some important measurement in Water Polo
The Length and width of the field 30 X 20 yards

Some important terminology in Water Polo :- 2 metre line, 4 metre line, Goal line, Caps, Personal, Fault, Ball under etc. ————————————————————————————–


Some important measurement in Baseball
The distance of each base 90 feet
The distance of the base along with its hypotenuse 127 feet

Some important terminology in Baseball :- Home, Diamond, Pitcher, Put out, Home run, Strike, Ant rubber etc. ————————————————————————————–

Billiards Some important terminology in Billiards :- Cue, Jigger, Pot, Break Pot, In luck, In off, Cans, Bolting, Hazard, Long etc.



Some important measurement in Boxing
Length and width of the ring Minimum 4.9X4.9 m square and maximum 6.10X6.10 m square

Some important terminology in Boxing :- Punch, Upper cut, Round, Jab, Hook, Knock down, Knock out, Hitting willow, Ring, Break, Bell, Belt, Blow, Bounce, Bout etc. ————————————————————————————–

Swimming Some important terminology in Swimming :- Crawl, Breast stroke, Spring Board, Twist, Butter fly etc.


Kho-Kho Some important terminology in Kho-Kho :- Chasers, Active Chaser, Runners, Diving, Taking a direction, To recede, Tapping, Trapping, Dupe turn, Late Kho, Giving Kho, Fake Kho etc.


Rifle Shooting Some important terminology in Rifle Shooting :- Target, Bulls eye, Muzzle flub etc



Some important measurement in Polo
Length of the field 300 yards,
Width of the field 150 yards
Distance between the goals 250 yards
Distance between the goal points 8 yards

Some important terminology in Polo :- Bunker, Chuker, Mallet etc ————————————————————————————–

Some Important terminologies of Cricket:- played on, Appeal, Bye, Leg Bye, Power Play, Follow on, Dusara, Beamer, Hoober Shot, Lost Ball, Duck worthLuis, Retired Hurt, Chinaman, Batsman, Bowler, Wicket Keeper, Fielder, LBW (Leg Before Wicket), Catch, Hit Wicket, Throw, Maiden over, Four, Sixer, Wide, Swing, Stroke, Cover,Mid on, Mid off, Mid Wicket, over the wicket, round the wicket, Leg spinner, Off spinner, Over throw, Over slip, Gulley, Cover point, Long off, Long on, Third man, Short pitch, Hook, Dead ball, Run out, Popping crease, Pitch, Bouncer (or Bumper), Full toss, Yorker, Yorked, Googley, Wicket Maiden, Snick, Duck, Hat-Trick, Rubber, The Ashes, Scoring a Ton etc.


Some important terminology in Badminton :- Badminton court, End, Trans Lines, Back gallery, Service Court, Let, Forward stroke, Backward Stroke, Toss or Lob, Clear, Smash, Net Strokes, Rally, Setting, First hand or Second hand, Side out, Base of operation, Rotation, Long service, Net Fault, Double fault, Foot fault, Service break, Match Point, Set point, High service, Cross shot, Service change, Drive, Drop shot, Duce, Advance etc.


Some Important Terminology in Football :- Abbey, Dribble, Extra time, Full back, Half back, Striker, Centre, Forward, Penalty kick, Free kick, Scissor kick, Goal kick, Direct kick, Corner kick, Referee, Tie breaker, Hat trick, Hand ball, Sweeper, Back, Throw in, Hand-ball (Fault), Touch line, Place Kick, or Kick off, Direct Free Kick, Indirect Free Kick, Tackle, Off side, Sliding Tackle, Drop Ball, Sudden death, Penalty shoot out etc.


Some important terminology in Basketball :- Dribbling, Front court, Second dribble, Two count stop, Travelling or shifting, Pivoting, Held ball, Jump ball, Violation, Foul, Feinting or Dodging, Shooting, Set shot, Ring, Guard point, Dead ball, Basket Rudnick, Hook Pass, Goal, Centre line, Free throw line, Onstead, Fast break, Lay-up shot, Man to man defence, Pack, Three point, Turn over, Assist, Throw, Goal Tending, Steal, Tap etc.


Some important Terminology in Hockey :- Advantage, Back-stick, Bully, Carry, Dribble, Dodge, Goal line, Green Card, Flick, Free hit, Face of Stick, Jab Stroke, Lung Stroke, Melle, Off side, Penalty shoot out, Short Corner, Striking circle or Shooting circle, Square pass, Tackling, Through pass, Under cutting, Stick, Penalty stroke, Scoop, Side line, Tie breaker, Penalty, Under cutting, Volley, Centre forward, Roll in, Push in, Shooting, Half volley, Full back etc.


Some important terminology in Lawn Tennis :- Ace, Advantage, A let, Back hand drive, Deuce, Chip Shot, Volley, Half Volley, Let fault, Foot fault, Double Fault, Smash, Service, Grand Slam, Singles sticks, Love, Slice.


Some important terminology in Table Tennis :- Foil, End line, Late control, Flat hit, Block stroke, Service, Penholder grip, Back spin, Centre line, Half Court, Side spin, Swing stroke, Push Stroke, Rally, Let, Reverse, Top Spin, Drop shot, Lob, Chopped return, Counter hitting etc.


Some important terminology in Volleyball :- Antennae, Attack hit, Back zone players, Dribbling, Libero, Front Zone players, Blocking, Smash, Rotation, Boosting, Net fault, Volley Pass, Forearm pass, Service, Hook serve, Set up, Referee etc.

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