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World War One World War one : A Boost to Indian Nationalism: The First World War broke out in June 1914, between Great Britain, France, Russia and Japan on one side (joined later by Italy) and Germany, Austria, Hungary and Turkey on the other. In India, and the ears of the bar marked the mature thing of the nationalism.

When the war started, the Congress was firmly under the control of Ghokhale and Moderates. The Indian National Congress decided to support the British war effort's, both as a matter of duty and in a spirit that Britain would repay India's loyalty and gratitude and enable India to take along step forward on the road to self government. They did not realise only that the different powers were fighting in World War I to safeguard their existing boundaries.

However, all this was changed during the war. Tilak came back from jail and became leader of all India importance. He was opposed to the old policy of making prayers to the British government. His contention was that have free Indian had the birth right to be free. He laid the foundation for the great anti-government movement led by Gandhiji in the next few years.

The World War 1, led increased problems among the poorer class of Indians. For them the War had mean heavy taxation and increased prices of daily necessities of life. As a result of the world War, the might of racial parity of the Europeans power relations was destroyed. Consequently, War years turn out to be years of intense nationalist political movement.

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