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Vedic Doctrine of Hinduism



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By the end of the Later Vedic Age, six prominent schools of Hindu Philosophy had been established. They are as follows:

Darshans Authors Year of Beginning Original Book Theme
Nyaya Gautama 6th BC Nyaya Sutra It is a logical quest for God. It tells that the material power Maya, with the help of God, becomes the universe.
Vaisheshik Kanada 6th BC Vaisheshik Sutra It aims is to receive happiness in this life and finally ultimate liberation through the attachment of true knowledge of the Divine.
Sankhya Kapila 6th BC Sankhya Sutra It explains that the aim of Sankhya is to eliminate all kinds of physical and mental pains and to receive liberation.
Yoga Maharishi Patanjali 2nd BC Yog Sutra It has four chapters and accepts three kinds of evidences for determining the aim of life.
Purva Mimansa Jaimini 4th BC Purva Mimansa Sutra It is condensed explanation of Vedic theme and at the same time, the classification of its issues.
Vedanta (Uttara Mimansa) Maharishi Vyasa 4th BC Uttara Mimansa Sutra It explains that Brahama Sutra is for that person who has a real deep desire to know God. True liberation could only be attained by lovingly surrendering to Him.

Vedic Civilisation
  • Origin of Indian Music - Samveda
  • Mention of Word 'Shudra' - Rigveda 10th Mandala
  • Gayatri Mantra - Rigveda
  • Mention of word 'Yajna' - Brahmana
  • Somaras (drink) - Rigveda (9th Mandala)
  • Varna - Rigveda
  • Four fold division of Society - Rigveda 10th Mandala
  • Mention of four Ashrams - Jabala Upanishada
  • War between Aryan & Dasas - Rigveda
  • Transmigration of Soul - Brahadaranyka Upanishada
  • Five divisions of India - Aiteraya Brahamana
  • Wife and Husband are complementary - Satapathabrahmana
  • Battle of Ten kings - Rigveda (7th Mandala)
  • Superiority of Brahmins - Aiteraya Brahmana
  • Rajanaya - Rigveda 10th Mandala
  • Marut as Agriculturist - Satpatha Brahmana
  • Satyameva Jayate - Mundaka upanishada
  • Pashupath Shiva - Atharveda
  • Vishnu - Satapatha Brahmana
  • Conversion between Yam & Nachiketa - Katha Upanishada

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