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Unit of Time Unit of time - Second(s)

Events Time interval (s)
Lifespan of most unstable particle 10-24
Time required for light to cross a nuclear distance 10-22
Period of x-rays 10 -19
Period of atomic vibrations 10 -15
Period of lightwave 10 -15
Lifetime of an excited state of an atom 10-8
Period of radio wave 10-6
Period of a sound wave 10-3
Wink of eye 10-1
Time between successive human heart beats 10 0
Travel time for light from moom to Earth 10 0
Travel time for light from the sun to the earth 102
Time period of a satellite 104
Rotation speed of the earth 10 5
Rotation and revolution patriots of mown 106
Travel time for light from nearest star 10 8
Average human lifespan 10 9
Age of Egyptian pyramids 10 11
Time since dinosaurs became extinct 10 15
Age of universe 10 17

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