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Town Planning The first thing that strikes us with regard to Harappan culture is the town planning and urbanisation. Mohenjo-daro, Harappa, Lothal or Sutkagendor were built on similar plan. To the west of each a citadel built on a high platform suggest division in society or some upper class existence. It was defended by walll and on it were construced the public buildings. Below this citadel was the town proper. Everywhere, the main streets ran from north to south and other streets ran at right angles to the main streets. Houses, residential or others, stood on both sides of the streets. Both at Harappa and Mohenjo-daro, houses were built of kiln-burnt bricks. At Lothal and Kalibangan, residential houses were made of sun-dried bricks. An average house had, besides kitchen and bath, four to six living rooms. Large houses with thity rooms and staircases suggest that there were large two or three storyed buildings. Most of the houses had wells within them and a drainage system carried the waste water to the main underground drain of the steet.

Town Associated with Different Industries
Levan Stone tools factory
Sukar Stone tools factory
Lothal Stone tools factory
Factory for metallic finished goods
Balakot Factory for pearl finished goods, Bangle's factory
Chanhudaro Beads Factory
Pearl finished goods factory
Metallic finished goods factory
Bangle's factory

Evidence from Chief Sites
Cemetery H & R-37 Harappa
Prepared Garments Mohenjodaro
Lower fortified town Kalibangan
Port town Lothal
Evidence of Rice Lothal, Rangpur
Coffin Burial Harappa
Horse Bone Surkotada
Fire Altar Kalibangan & Lothal
Temple like palace Mohenjodaro
Horse's Tooth Rana Ghundai
Pashuptai Seal Mohenjodaro
Goddesses Mohenjodaro
Copper Rhino Diamabad
Copper Chariot Diamabad
Copper Elephant Diamabad
Granery Mohenjodaro & Harappa
Bronze Female Dancer Mohenjodaro
Granery outside fort Harappa
Beads Factory Chanhudaro, Balakot
Copper ox Kalibangan
Bangles Factory Chanhudaro, Balakot
Graveyard Harappa, Lothal
Phallur Worship Harappa
Bronze Bufallo Diamabad
Evidence of Earthquake Kalibangan
Evidence of Plough Kalibangan
Copper dog Lothal
Camel's Bone Kalibangan
Stone Covered Grave Surkotada
Canals Malavan
Woodenn Drainage Kalibangan

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