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The Tughlaq Dynasty (1320-1414 AD)



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Muhammud bin Tughlaq

The Tughlaq Dynasty
Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq 1320-24 AD
Muhammad Tughlaq 1324-51 AD
Firoz Shah Tughlaq 1351-88 AD
Mohammad Khan 1388 AD
Ghiyassuddin Tughlaq Shah II 1388 AD
Abu Baqr 1389-90 AD
Nasiruddin Muhammad 1390-94 AD
Humayun 1394-95 AD
Nasiruddin Mahmud 1395-1412 AD

Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq (1320-1325 AD)
  • Khusrau Khan, the last king of the Khilji dynasty was killed by Ghazni Malik, and Ghazni Malik ascended the throne assuming the title Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq.
  • He died in an accident and his sone Jauna (Ulugh Khan) succeeded him under the title Mohammad-bin-Tughlaq.
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Mohammad-bin Tughlaq (1325-1351 AD)
  • Prince Jauna, Son of Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq ascended the throne in 1325
  • He tried to introduce many administrative reforms. He had 5 ambitious projects for which he has became particulary debatable.
    1. Taxation in the Doab (1326)
    2. Transfer of Capital (1327)
    3. Introduction of Token Currency (1329)
    4. Proposed Khurasan Expedition (1329)
    5. Qarachil Expedition (1330)
  • His five projects have led to revolts all around his empire. His last days were spent in checking the revolts
    1335 -- Mudurai became independent (Jalaluddin Ahsan Shah)
    1336 -- Foundation of Vijayanagar (Harihar & Bukka), Warrangal became independent (Kanhaiya)
    1341-47 -- Revolts of Sada Amirs & Foundation of Bahamani in 1347 (Hasan Gangu)
  • He died in Thatta while campaigning in Sindh against Taghi, a Turkish slave.
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Firoz Shah Tughlaq(1351-1388 AD)
  • He was a cousin of Mohammad-bin-Tughlaq. After his death the nobles and the theologians of the court selected Firoz Shah as the next Sultan.
  • Established of Diwan-i-Khairat (department for poor and needy people) and Diwan-l-Bundagan (department of slaves)
  • Making Iqtadari system hereditary.
  • Construction of canals for irrigation from
    1. Yamuna to the city of Hissar
    2. From the Sutlej to the Ghaggar
    3. From the Ghaggar to Firuzabad
    4. From Mandvi and Sirmour Hills to Hansi in Haryana.
  • Establishment of four new towns, Firuzabad, Fatebabad, Jaunpur and Hissar.
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After Firoz Shah Tughlaq(1388-1414 AD)
  • The Tughlaq dynasty would not survive much after Firoz Shah's death. The Malwa, Gujarat and Sharqi (Jaunpur) Kingdoms broke away from the Sultanate.
  • Timur Invasion : (1398-99)Timur, a Turk, invaded India in 1398 during the reign of Muhammad Shah Tughlaq , the last ruler of Tughlaq dynasty. His army mercilessely sacked and plundered Dellhi. Timur returned to Central Asia, leaving a nominee to rule to Punjab which ended the Tughlaq dynasty.

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