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The Age of Guptas



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The age of Guptas The age of the Guptas(A.D. 320-550)

The classical age:
The classical age referred to the period when most of the north India was reunited under the Gupta Empire. It was, perhaps, sometimes late in the period of third century A.D. that the Gupta dynasty emerged. One Sri Gupta, who brought Magadha under his control, was the founder of the Gupta dynasty. Sri Gupta was succeeded by Ghototkacha Gupta. The first two kings of the dynasty were described as Maharajas. It is generally believed that first two rulers of the dynasty ruled before 320 A.D. They were followed by some of the rulers of ancirnt Indian history.

Position of woman: In the Gupta period, woman were also allowed to listen the epics and the Puranas, and advised to worship Krishna. But woman of high year orders did not have access to independent sources of livelihood in pre-Gupta and Gupta Times. The main reason for the subordination of women belonging to the upper varnas was the complete dependence on the men for their livelihood.

Religion: Since the society was highly materialistic, Hindu revived. Bhagavatism centred around the worship of Vishnu or Bhagwat, and originated in post-Mauryan times. Vishnu was a minor God in vedic times. He represented the sun and also the fertility cult. By the second century BC he was merged with the God called Narayana. He was also called Bhagwat, and his worshippers were called Bhagavatas.

Important Gupta Officials At The Central Level
Mahabaladhikrita Commander in chief
Mahadandanayak Chief Justice
Mahasandhivigrahak or Sandhivigrahak And facial for post-war conciliation.
Dandapashika Haed of the police department
Bhandagaradhikreta Head of the Royal Treasury
Mahapaksha-Patalik Had of the account Department
Vinaysthitisansathapak Head of the education Department
Sarvadhyaksha Inspector for all the central departments
Mahashwapati Controller of cavalry.
Vinaypura Official to present different guests at Kings Court
Yuktapurusha Office to keep account of wat booty.
Khadyatpakika Inspector of Royal kitchen
Ranabhandagarika Officer in charge of Army stores
Mahanarpati Had of foot soldiers(infantry)

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