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Shamsuddin Iltutmish (1211-1236 AD)



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Shamsuddin Iltutmish tomb Iltutmish was the son-in-law of Aibak. Herendered great service to the Islamic empire in India. He secured a letter of investiture from the Caliph of Baghdad in 1229 which bestowed him the title of Sultan of Hindustan. He not only suppressed the rebellious chiefs and nobles but also his powerful rivals like Yaldoz and Qubacha and the Khiljis of Bengal to protect the Muslim empire in India from various challenges. He destroyed the power of Rajput princes and brought the whole of North India under his control. Instead of Lahore, he made Delhi the capital and centre of the Muslim Empire. Before becoming the king. He was (governor) Subedar of Badayun.

Shamusddin Iltutmish
Reign 1211-1236
Full name Shams-ud-din Iltutmish
Title Nasir Amir-ul-mominin
Died May 1, 1236
Place of death Delhi
Buried Qutb Complex, Mehrauli, Delhi
Predecessor Aram Shah
Successor Rukn-ud-din Firuz
Dynasty Mumluk(Slave) Dynasty
Religious belief Islam

Iltutmish introduced the silver tanka and the copper jital-the two basic coins of the Sultanate period, with a standard weight of 175 grains.

  • During his period the sultanate acquired estability and he made the post hereditary.
  • Shifted Capital from Lahore to Delhi
  • Coins-Tanka (Silver), Jital(Copper)

  • Organisation of a group of 40 loyal nobles-Turkan-i-Chahalgani or Chalisa or Forty
  • Introduction of the silver coins called tanka and copper coins called jitals.
  • Introudction of Iqtadari system:division of empire into Iqtas, which were assigned to the nobles and officers in lieu of salary.
  • Refusal to provide shelter to Jalal-ud-din the Khwarizm ruler who fled to Punjab following the attack of Chengiz Khan.
  • Completion of the construction of Qutb Minar in Delhi.

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