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Samudragupta (335 A.D.-375 A.D.)



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Samudragupta Facts Samudragupta (335 A.D.-375 A.D.) Samudragupta increased the throne in 335 A.D. The basic information about his reign is provided by an inscription Prayaga Prasasti composed by Harisena, the poet at his court, and engraved on an Ashokan pillar at Allahabad Pilair Inscription. The places and the countries conquered by Samudragupta can be divided into five groups.

Group 1 include Princes of the Ganga - Yamuna doab who were defeated.

Group 2 include the rulers of eastern Himalayan states and some frontier states such as princes of Nepal, Assam and Bengal. It also covers some republics of Punjab.

Group 3 includes the forest kingdom is situated in the Vindhya region and known as atavika rajyas .

group 4 includes the 12 rulers of the eastern Deccan and South India, who were conquered liberated.

Group 5 includes the name of the Sakas and Kushans.

Samudragupta embarked upon a policy of conquest. In fact,Digvijay became the ultimate call of his life. For his military achievements, he has been aptly complemented by the historian V.A Smith as the Indian Napoleon. he has described Samudragupta as the Hero of Hundred Battles.

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