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Rig Vedic Gods



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Agni God of fire The early Vedic religion was naturalistic. Evidently, there were neither temples nor idols. The mode of prayer was recitation of mantras. Sacrifice was offered for Praja (children), Pasu (cattle) and Dhana (wealth) and not for spritual upliftment or misery.

Early Vedic Religion
  • Believed in one Supreme God
  • Did not believe in idol worship
  • Worshipped the forces of nature as the manifestation of one Supreme God
  • Vedic Gods have been classified into 3 categories - Terrestrial, Atmospheric and Celestial
  • Indra, Agni, Varuna, Surya, Rudra, Yama, Soma, Marut, Dyaus, Vayu and Prajanaya. Prithvi, Saraswati, Usha, aditi were female deities. They were not given the same position as male Gods.
  • People did not worship for spiritual reasons but for the welfare of Praja & Pashu
  • Recitation of prayers, chanting of Vedic hymns and sacrifices or yajnas were an important part of the worship.

Rig Vedic Gods
Indra He was the most important divinity. He played the role of a warlord, leading the Aryan soldiers to victory against the demons. 250 hymns are devoted to him in the Rig Veda. He was associated with thunder and storm and is addressed by various names: Ratheshtha, Jitendra Somapa, Purandra, Varitrahan and Maghayam
Agni He was the second important divinity. He was intermediary between Gods and men. 200 hymns of the Rig Veda are devoted to him.
Varuna He was the upholder of Rita or cosmic order or natural order. He personified water.
Soma He was considered to be the God of plants. An intoxicant drink was also called soma.
Yama He was the guardian of the world of dead.
Surya Similar to that of the Greek God Helios
Savitri The famous Gayatri mantra is addressed to Savitri
Pusan Lord of jungle path, main function was that of guarding of roads, herdsmen and cattle.
Vishnu A relatively minor God at that time.
Vayu Wind God
Dyaus Father of Heaven
Aditi Goddess of Eternity
Maruts Storm Spirits
Gandharvas Divine Musicians
Ashvins Healers of diseases and experts in surgical art
Ribhus Gnomes
Apsaras Mistresses of Gods
Rudra An archer of God, whose anger brought disease
Vishvadeva Intermediate Deities
Aranyani Goddess of Forest
Usha Goddess of Dawn
Prithvi Goddess of Earth

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