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Razia Sultan (1236-1240 AD)



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Razia Sultan Razia, the daughter of Iltutmish, assumed the reigns of the government in 1236. She was the first and last woman among the Muslim rulers who sat on the throne of Delhi. However, the Pathan nobles regarded it below their dignity to pay obedience to a woman. On the other hand, the traditional Muslims resented her public appearances without covering her face with burqa or a veil. Also, the appointment of an Abyssinian slave named Jamat-ud-din Yakut as superintment of the stables was resented by the Chahalgani Turks or Chalisa.

Razia Sultan Tomb Razia had all the qualities to rule Delhi Sultanate; the only weakness was that she was a woman. That was the main reason of her decline. Rajiya was murdered near Kaithal in 1240. She was succeeded by several of her kins till 1266 when Balban emerged as a powerful sultan. Though Balban formally become the ruler in 1266, the period 1246-87 is known in history as the age of Balban due to the dominant role he played at Delhi at the time after Rajia rule come.

Razia Sultan (Sultan of Delhi--1236-1240)
Preceded by Rukn ud din Firuz
Succeeded by Muiz ud din Bahram

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