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Rajasthan emergence



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Rajasthan emergence Rajasthan emergence:
During this period, there will trade important independent states in Rajasthan

  1. Mewar: Although, Ala-ud-din khalji captured Chittor, the capital of Mewar, in 1303, it was soon resorted by Rana Hamir, Rana Kumhba, the greatest ruler of Hamir family, carried out incessant warfare against Gujarat and Malwa. Rana Kumbha built Vijaya Stambha (Victory Tower) at Chittor.
  2. Marwar : Rao Chunda, who ruled from 1404 to 1421, was succeeded by famous Jodha. Jodha Buhl to the Fort of Jodhpur, Bikaner was founded by Bika, Malwa ruler one of the sons of Jodha, in 1465.
  3. Amber or Amer : Dullah Rao was the founder of the Kuchhawaha dynasty which ruled Amber or Amer during this period. Hammir Deva was the most important ruler of the dynasty.

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