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Qutb-ud-din-aibak (1206-1210)Lakh Baksh-Siraaj



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Qutb-ud-din-aibak Qutb-ud-din had played a vital role under his chief in extending the authority of the Ghoris. Qutb's achievements as monarch were, however, a mere shadow of his achievements as Viceroy. Within the brief span of four years he was destined to reign and live, his work was naturally concerned with retention of what he had acquired rather than with expansion. His devotion to Islam is attested by two mosques built by him at Delhi and Ajmer. The fact that Aibek could not sufficiently consolidate his position is borne out by the fact that his nominee and adopted son, Aram Shah, was driven out from the throne by the Turkish nobles of Delhi who replaced Aram by their own nominee Shamsuddin Iltutmish. In 1210, Aibak died from the effects of a fall from his horse while playing polo. Consolidated the empire.

Qutab Minar
Important Conquests and Consolidation of Power
1192 AD Crushed a rebellion in Ajmer and Merrut
1193 AD Crushed a second rebellion in Ajmer
1194 AD Helped Mahmud Ghori defeat Jaichandra
1197 AD Attacked the chief of Nehrwala
1202 AD Marched against the fort of Kalinjar in Bundelkhand and defeated the Rajputs.
He also captured Mohoba & badun, one of the riches cities of Hindustan.

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