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Hunas The Post Gupta era (up to 750 A.D.)

The Gupta Empire disintegrated at the close of the fifth or the beginning of the sixth century. The decline of Imperial Guptas, Magadha and its capital, Pataliputra, which since the six century BC had been the centre of political activity in north India, lost their importance. After the fall of the Guptas, five major centres of power immersed in north India. Following are these powers:
  1. The Hunas : The Hunas were a rare race which came to India from Central Asia. Hunas invaded India for the first time during the reign of Kumargupta. They could not succeed in India under Kumargupta and Skandagupta but under Guptas they could penetrate into India. They established their supremacy in North India. Toramana was their ablest ruler and Mihirakula the most and cultured one. Mihirakula was defeated by Magadha kink and had to fly to Kashmir, where he died.

    Under the Hunas, Indian culture and civilisation received a serious setback. Many sources of history were destroyed. Political unity of the country came to an end and the concept of despotic Administration came to the forefront.
  2. The Maukharis : They held the region of western Uttar Pradesh around Kanauj, had conquerred a part of Magadha.
  3. The Maitrakas : They established a kingdom in Saurashtra with Valabgi as capital. Under the guidance of Bhatarka, Valabhi not only became the seat of learning and culture, but also a centre for trade and commerce. It survived the longest Arab attacks.
  4. The Pushyabhutis : Their capital was at Thaneswar. The most important ruler of the dynasty was Prabhakarvardhan. He assumed the title of parambhattaraka maharajadhiraja. He married his daughter Rajyasri with the Makhauri king, Grahavarman. The marriage alliance strengthened the two empires. Harshavardhana belong to this family.
  5. The Gaudas : They ruled over a territory in Bengal and were quite lesser-known of the four kingdoms. Its most powerful and ambitious ruler was Sasanka. He invaded Makhauris, killed Grahavarman and imprison Rajyasri.

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