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Orrisa emergence Orrisa emergence:
The kingdom of Orrisa was consolidated by Anantavarman Choda Ganga who ruled from 1076 to one role for it. The kingdom extended from the mouth of the Ganges in the north to the Godavari in the South. Anantavarman was not only a great warrior and a conqueror but also a patron of religion and literature. The famous Jagannath temple was built by him. After his death, his dynasty became to decline. About 1434, this dynasty was supplanted by Kapilendra who founded a new dynasty.

Kapilendra dynasty ruled over Orrisa for about a century. Kapilendra was succeeded by Purushottama during whose reign the kingdom became weak and lost the South than half of its territory. He was succeeded by his son Prataprudra (4096-1540) who was compelled to surrender a part of his territory south of the Godavari to the Vijay Nagar ruler. In 1441-1442, the Kapilendra dynasty was replaced by Bhoi dynasty which was founded by Govind. Orrisa was annexed to Bengal by Sulaiman 1560.

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