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Origin of Aryans



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Origin of Aryans Some scholars, such as Max Muller and Dr. Thapar, believe that originally, the Aryans seem to have lived somewhere in the area east of Alps, in the region known as Eurasia, the region of the Caspian Sea and the southern Russian steppes, and gradually dividing into a number of tribes migrated in search of pasture, to Greece and Asia Minor, to Iran and to India. By that time, they came to be known as Aryans. This is proved by some Aryan names mentioned in the Kassite inscriptions of 1600 BC and the Mitanni inscriptions of the fourteenth century BC, found in Iraq which suggest that from Iran a branch of the Aryans moved towards the west.

Original Home of Aryans
Region Theorist
Central Asia Max Muller
Tibet Dayanand Saraswati
Pamirs Mayor
Turkistan Hurz Feld
Bactria J.C. Rod
Steepes Brandstein
Germany Penka and Hert
Hungry Giles
Southern Russia Nehring
West Baltic Mach
Arctic Region B.G. Tilak
Russian Steppes Prof. Belfy
Central India Rajbali Pandey
Kashmir L.D. Kala
Sapta Sindhu A.C. Das
Himalayan Foothills Pt. Laxmidhar Shastri

Other Scholars, such as Ganganath Jha, A.C. Das, Dr. Sampurnanand etc established the Sapta-Sindhu theory of Rig Veda which believe that Aryans were not foreigners but were indigenous people residing in the region comprising modern Punjab and Sindh. This theory has met with criticism, as the historians argue over the vast differences of culture between the Harappans and the Aryans.

Another theory propounded by Lokmanya Tilak suggests the Polar region as the regional homeland of Aryans, Zend Avesta and Rig Veda. Shows peculiar similarities in the terms used for religion and socio-economic context.

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