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Kashmir emergence Kashmir emergence:
A Muslim adventure from Swat, named Shah Mirza, had entered into the service of Hindu Prince of Kashmir in 1315. The Hindu prince died shortly afterwards and Shah Mirza seized the throne setting aside the claims of the descendents of the Hindu prince and himself assumed the title of King.

He was, however the wise and generous ruler. He died in 1349 and was succeeded by his four sons one after another who ruled for a total period of 46 years. After the death of fourth son Qutb-ub-din (1394), his son Sikander ascended the throne.

Zain-ul-Abidin (1420-1470 A.D.) was the greatest Muslim ruler of Kashmir. He was highly enlightened and liberal for which he was known as the Akbar of Kashmir .

After Zain--ul-Abidin's death, there ensured chaos and anarchy under the rule of the nominal kings who ascended the throne. Haidar Shar was a fairly competent ruler, but his successor were so incompetent that in 1540 a relative of Babur, Mirza Haidar, conquered Kashmir.

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