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India has its own geological eras and periods. The standard geological eras are

  1. The Pre-Cambrian (over 570 million years old)
  2. The Paleozoic (245-570 million years old)
  3. The Mesozoic (66-245 million years old)
  4. The Cenozoic (66 million years old to the present)
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The Indian Geological eras are
  1. The Archean or Early Pre-Cambrian
  2. The Purana or Late Pre Cambrian
  3. The Dravidian (400-570 million years old)
  4. The Aryan (400 million years old to the present)

The Pre Cambrian derives its names from Wales in the United Kingdom. The periods got their names from places where rock formations of that period were formed. The Pre-Cambrians do not contain fossils of plants and animals. The Paleozoic have the fossils of very early lives, the Mesozoic have middle lives and the Cenozoic recent lives.

Major Geological Formations of India
Indian Era Standard Geological Eras and Periods Duration of Period (in million years) Age from beginning (in million years) Major Formation in Peninsula Major Formations in Extra Peninsula
Aryan Cenozoic
(Recent Pleistocene) Tertiary
(Pliocene Miocene)
Jurassic Triassic
Less than 2 2 or 3 Newer Alluvial deserts, laterites Formation of Ganga Plains
Dravidain Paleozoic
Devonian Silurian
64 - Tertiary Coastal Deposits Formation of Himalayas
Purana Pre-Cambrian
Late Pre-Cambrian
- 570 Vindhayan Cuddaph Dharwar Aravalli Archean systems Archean Gneiss

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