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Important Central Department, Officials



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Important Central Departments
Department Function
Diwan-i-Risalat (Foreign Minister) Department of appeals
Diwan-i-Ariz Military department
Diwan-i-Bandagan Department of slaves
Diwan-i-Qaza-i-Mamalik Department of justice
Diwan-i-Isthiaq Department of pensions
Diwan-i-Mustakhraj Department of arrears
Diwan-i-Khairat Department of charity
Diwan-i-Kohi Department of agriculture
Diwan-i-Insha Department of correspondence

Important Central Officials
Wazir The cheif Minister of the State-in Charge of revenue and finances, controlled by other department.
Ariz-i-Mamlik Head of Military department
Qazi Legal Officer(dispensed civil law based on Muslim law Shariat)
Wakil-i-dar Controller of the royal house hold.
Barid-i-mumalik Head of the state news agency
Amir-i-majlis Officer-in-charge of royal feasts, conference and festivals.
Majlis-i-am Council of friends and officers consulted on important affairs of the state.
Dahir-i-mumalik Head of the royal correspondence.
Sadr-us-sudur Dealt with the religious matters and endowments.
Sadr-i-jahan Officers-in-charge of religious and charitable endowment.
Amir-i-dad Public prosecutors
Naib wazir Deputy Minister
Mushrif-i-mumalik Accountant general
Amir-i-hazib Officer-in-charge of the royal court
Kazi-i-mumalik Chief Justice
Kazi-ul-kazat Head of the Central Judicial department

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