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Gujarat and Malwa emergence



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Gujarat and Malwa emergence Gujarat and Malwa emergence:
The governors of Gujarat and Malwa declared independence after the invention of Timur. Ahmad Shah, a powerful king of Gujarat, founded a beautiful city known after him as Ahmadabad and moved there. His grandson Mahmud Begarha, who ascended the throne as a border and ruled from 1458 to 1511, was a remarkable person. He allied himself with the sultan of Turkey for driving away the Portuguese from the Indian seas. The combined fleet of Turkey and Gujarat defeated the Portuguese fleet of Turkey and Gujarat near Chaul in 1508.

But next year the pot is split defeated the fleet of Gujarat and re-established its supremacy in the Indian seas. The next important King Bahadur Shah (1526-1537), annexed Malwa and storm the famous Rajput Fort of chittor. His conquest with the Mogul emperors will be related later killed by Portuguese.

Dilawar Khan Ghori established the Khalji dynasty in Malwa and made Mandu his capital. Mahmud Khalji was the most important ruler of Malwa.

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