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Madhya Pradesh
Area 3,08,000 sq km
Capital Bhopal
Population 6,03,85,118
Principal Languages Hindi

History and Geography: Madhya Pradesh is the second largest Indian state in the size with an area of 308,000 Geographically it occupies a pivotal position in the country.

King Ashoka first among all, ruled over Ujjain. A sizeable portion of the Central India was part of the Gupta empire (300-500 AD). The muslims came into Central India in the beginning of 11th century. First of all, Mahmud of Ghazni came over here and then Mohammad Ghori, who incorporated some parts of the Mughal empire. During the period between the beginning of the influence of Marathas and the death of Madhoji Scindia in 1794, Marathas were on the ascendent in Central India but later on the small states started coming into existence. These small states became the cause of perpetuation of British power in the country.

Queen Ahilyabai Holkar of Indore, the Gond Maharani Kamalapti and Queen Durgawait, etc., were women rulers whose names have left an indelible imprint on Indian history for their outstanding rule. Madhya Pradesh came into being on 1 November 1956. It was reorganised on 1 November 2000 to create a new Chhattisgarh state. The successive state, now, is bound in north by Uttar Pradesh, east by Chhattisgarh, south by Maharashtra and west by Gujarat and Rajasthan.

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