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Emergence of Provincial Kingdoms



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Emergence Of Provincial Kingdoms: During the period of confusion by the invasion of Tamurlane, an independent kingdom was founded by the wazir of the Tuglaq Emperor, Khwaja Jahan, who was given the title of Malik-us-Sharq or Lord of the East , by his master. The capital of his kingdom was Jaunpur, a new city founded on the bank of the river Gomti by Firoz Tuglaq.

The rule of the Sharqi dynasty came to an end in 1476 when the Lodi emperor of Delhi, Bahlol Lodhi, reconquered it.

Provincial Kingdoms During And After The Sultanate
Kingdom Capital Founder/Most Important Ruler
1. Shah Mir dynasty in Kashmir KashmirShah Mirza or Sams-ud-din; Zainul Abidin
2. Sisodia dynasty in Mewar Chittor Rana Hamir; Rana Kumbha
3. Rathore dynasty in Marwar Jodhpur Rao Chunda: Rao Jodha and Maldeva
4. Kachhawaha dynasty of Amber or Amer Ajmer Dullah Rao: Hammir Deva
5. Muzaffarshahi dynasty in Gujart Anhilvada (later Ahmedabad) Zafar Khan or Muzzaffarshah: Ahmad Shah I, Mahmud
6. Sultanate of Bengal Gaud IIyas Shah: Ala-ud-din Shah
7. Suryavansi or Gajapati dynasty in Orrisa Jajnagar Kapilendra: Kapilendra
8. Khalji dynasty in Malwa Mandu Dilawar Khan Ghori; Mahmud Khalji
9. Sharqi dynasty in Jaunpur Jaunpur Malik Sarwar; Ibrahim Shah Sharqi
10. Ahom dynasty in Kamrup and Assam Charaido (later Charqua) Sukapha; Suhungmung
11. Farukki dynasty in Khandesh Burhanpur Malik Raja Farukki; Malik Raja Farukki
12. Bahmani in Karnataka Gulbarga (later Bidar) Hasan Gangu Bahman Shah; Firuz Shah, Ahmad Shah I
13. Vijaynagar
  1. Sangam dynasty
  2. Suluva dynasty
  3. Tuluva dynasty
  4. Aravidu dynasty
Hastinavati or Hampi
Thirumala; Thirumala

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