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Effects of Greek Invasion



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Effects of Greek Invasion
  • The Greek invasion of India opened the trade route between north west and Wester India
  • Eastwards trade went through the Ganga delta to the coast of Northern Burma and south along the east coast.
  • Guilds (Shreni) came into existence
  • Money was introduced. Punch-marked coins in gold and silver and of copper cast have been discovered.
  • Introduction of money facilitated the trade.
  • Divided his army during the last expedition at Patala and appointed Niyarkas as head of Navy.
  • Opening up of four distinct routes between India & Greek by land sea paving way for increased trade and cultural contacts between the two regions.
  • Establishments of more Greek settlements in north-western region
  • Ashokan pillars were also influenced by Greek Art.
  • Establishment of the coast and search for harbours from the mouth of the Indus to that of the Euphrates.
  • Promotion to expansion of the Mauryan empire in north-west India due to destruction of local powers by Alexander
  • India and Greek established trade contact.
  • Coins of India non inscribed on 'Uluk Model' of the Greeks
  • Many Greek scholars came to India with Alexander and wrote on Indian history which are relevant in constructions of contemporary socio-religious aspect.

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