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Bindusara (293-273 BC) Facts



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Bindusara (293-273 BC) Facts Bindusara (293-273 BC):
He was son of Chandragupta and was known as Amitraghta (slayer of foes) by the Greek writers. He continued his friendly links with Syrin King Antiochus I and is stated to have requested for a present of figs and wine together with sophist. He received a great ambassador, Daimachos, from Antiochus I. Pliny tell that ptolemy II Philadephus of Egypt sent an envoy, Dionysios, to Bindusara's court.

Various Names Of Bindusara
Amitraghat Sanskrit Literature
Amitchetas Strabo which was Greek verion of Sanskrit 'Amitraghata'
Seemseri Rajvalli Katha
Bindupala Fa-Feenchulin or slayer of foes

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