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Basketball Facts



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  • The game Basketball was invented by Dr. James Naismith of USA in 1891 at Springfield College.
  • International Basketball Federation was set up in 1932.
  • Basketball Federation of India was formed in 1950. Its first World Championship was played in 1950.
Some important measurements in Basketball
Length of the court 28 meter
Width of the court 15 meter
Height of the basket from ground 3.05 meter
Weight of the ball 600 to 650 grams

Some important terminology in Basketball :- Dribbling, Front court, Second dribble, Two count stop, Travelling or shifting, Pivoting, Held ball, Jump ball, Violation, Foul, Feinting or Dodging, Shooting, Set shot, Ring, Guard point, Dead ball, Basket Rudnick, Hook Pass, Goal, Centre line, Free throw line, Onstead, Fast break, Lay-up shot, Man to man defence, Pack, Three point, Turn over, Assist, Throw, Goal Tending, Steal, Tap etc.

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