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Attacks of Muhmud of Ghazni



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Attacks of Muhmud of Ghazni Mahmud of Ghazni raided India for the first time in AD 1000 for her wealth. He wanted to make Ghazni, a principality of Afghanistan, into a region wielding formidable power in the politics of Central Asia. In a short period of 25 years, he made 17 raids. He destroyed many temple e.g. Somnath temple in Gujarat (1025 AD) as they were ddepositories of vast quantitites of wealth.

      Muhmud did not make any systematic effort to capture India. However, he may be seen as the founder of Turkish rule in India to th extent that his expeditions opened India to conquest from the north-west.

Dynasties (Regions) King/Kings
Hindu Shahi (Kabul and Punjab) Jayapala, Anandapal
Lohar (Kashmir) Rani Didda, Sangam Raj
Tomar (Delhi) Angapal
Pratihara (Kannauj) Rajyapala
Paramara (Malwa) Sindhuraj
Chaulkya (Gujarat) Chamundaran, Durlabharaj
Chandellas (Bundelkhand) Vidyadhara
Kalachuri (Tripuri) Kokkal II, Gangeyadeva
Pala (Bengal) Mahipala
Chalukyas of Kalyani (Maharashtra) Jaisimha II

Significance of Muhmud Ghazni's Invasion
  • Exposition of India's military weakness.
  • Exposition of India's political disunity.
  • Weakening of the economic condition of India as Mahmud carried huge wealth out of the country.
  • Great setback to Indian art and sculpture owing to destruction of idols and templses.
  • Opening of India to foreign attacks.
  • Opportunity to Islam to set its foothold in India
  • Growing of the feeling of hatred and fear among the Hindus towards the Muslims.
  • Arrivals of Muslim saints, called the Sufis ,providing impetus to greater Hindu-Muslim interaction.

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