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Attacks of Muhammed Ghori



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Muhammad Ghori The second attack from north-west was made by the Muhammed Ghori at the end of 12th century, for which India was not prepared. He attacked from Gomal Pass in 1182, and conquered Sindh. In 1182, he conquered Lahore and soon after, an attack was commenced on the Rajputs kingdoms controlling the Ganges plain. Prithviraj Chauhan led the Rajputs against Muhammed Ghori at the First battle of Tarain in 1191 and the Rajputs became victorious. At the Second battle of Tarain in 1191 at the same place, Prithviraj was defeated by the kingdom of Delhi fell to Ghori. Muhammad Ghori defeated and killed Jayachandra, the king of Kanauj, in the Battle of Chadawar. Before his assassination in 1206, Turks had conuered the Ganga-Yamuna doab and its neighbouring areas, and Bihar and Bengal wwere also overrun. This started a new era in Indian history.

Raids of Muhmammad Ghori
Ist Raid 1175 AD Over Multan and Uchha
IInd Raid 1178 AD Over Abu and Anilwar
IIIrd Raid 1179 AD Over Punjab (Peshawar)
IVth Raid 1185 AD Over Sialkot
Vth Raid 1186 AD Defeated Malik Khusoro of Lahore and captured Punjab
VIth Raid 1191 AD Ist Battle of Tarain
VIIth Raid 1192 AD IInd Battle of Tarain
VIIIth Raid 1194 AD Against Kannauj, defeated Jaichand
IXth Raid 1205,1206 AD Against Khokkar (A tribe of Punjab)

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