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Athens Olympic Games Athens Olympics 2004 got off a grand start in Greece's capital. Athens, on August 13, 2004, thus marking the return of the Olympic Games to their spiritual home.
The Parade of athletes from 202 countries took more than an hour and half. India's long jumper Anju Bobby George, the flag-bearer of Indian continent, carried the Indian tri-colour aloft amidst the cheers of Indian supporters, both on the spot and worldwide.

Some Facts of Athens Games

  • The Olympic games were started in 776 BC on Mount Olympus in the honour of Greek God 'Zeus'.
  • In the flag of Olympics, there is a symbol of five coloured circles joining each other.
  • The Olympic games are organised after every four years.
  • The flag of Olympic Games was recognised in the year 1913 and was hoisted first time in Antwerp Olympic Games in 1920.
  • The tradition to list the Olympic flame was started in Amsterdom Olympic Games in 1928. (This flame is lighted with Sun-rays.)
  • The Head office of International Olympic Committee is in Lusane (Switzerland.)
  • Participation of women in Olympic games started in the Second Olympic Games in 1900.
  • First Indian player who participated in the Olympic games was an Anglo-Indian 'Norman Prichard', who took part in the Second Olympic Games in 1900 and won two medals in Athletics.
  • First women participant of India in the Olympic games was Marrie Lila Ro.
  • International Olympic Committee was founded in 1894 at "Chakhon".
  • Generally, in the inaugural ceremony of Olympic games the team of Greece got first place and host team is placed in the last March Past parade. The teams of other places are placed in the alphabetical order of English alphabets.
  • The first woman referee in the football was a Canadian lady Sonia Denancord in (Atlanta Olympics.)
  • The maximum number of gold medal winner sports women is Larina Lavyanina. She has won 18 medals including a maximum of 9 gold medals.
  • The maximum gold medal winners sports women in one Olympic is Christina Otty. She got 6 gold medals in swimming in Seoul Olympic of 1986.

India best at Athens Olympics 2004

Rajyavardan Singh Rathore Silver (double trap, shooting)
N.Kunjarani Devi Fourth (48 kg, weightlifting)
Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupathi Fourth (doubles, tennis)
Anju Bobby George Sixth (Long Jump)
Abhinav Bindra Seventh (10m air rifle, shooting)
Rajwinder Kaur, K. Beenamol, Chitra Soman,
Manjeet Kaur
Seventh (4x400 m relay, women)

Some important facts about Athens Olympics of 2004

  • The inauguration of the 28th Olympic Games was held on 13th August, 2004 in the main Stadium of Athens by the President of Greece. It was closed on 29th August, 2004.
  • In the March-Past, the host team Greece was in the last place and according to Greek, alphabets the Group of St. Lucia was in front position. The leader of Indian Team was Anju Boby George.
  • In this Olympic there were of 28 competitive events. There were 301 gold medals in it.
  • 10500 players of 202 countries including Iraq and Afghanistan participated in this Olympic Games.
  • Free Style Wrestling of Women was first time included in this Olympic Games.
  • 75 countries were in Medal Tally. India ranked 66th and host Greece was at 15th position in the final Medals Tally.
  • Major Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore won the second position in the Men's Double Trap Shooting Competition. He became the first Indian of independent India to have won a silver medal in an individual category.
  • Indian gained 7th position in Men's hockey. They were 7th position in Sydney Olympics also.

Country Gold SilverBronzeTotal
USA 35 39 29 103
China 32 17 14 63
Russia 27 27 38 92
Australia 17 16 16 49
Japan 16 9 12 37
Germany 14 16 18 48
France 11 9 13 33
Italy 10 11 11 32
S. Korea 9 12 9 30
Great Britain 9 9 12 30

Some important results of Athens Olympics

Sport Winner Runners up
Hockey(male) Australia Netherlands
Hockey(female) Germany Netherlands
Football(male) Argentina Paraguay
Football(female) USA Brazil
Volleyball(male) Brazil Italy
Volleyball(female) China Russia
Basketball(male) Argentina Italy
Basketball(female) USA Australia
Water Polo(male) Hungary Serbia Montenegro
Water Polo(female) Italy Greece
Baseball Cuba Australia
100 metre race(male) :- Justin Gatlin (USA)
100 metre race(female) :- Yulia Nasterenko (Belarus)
Marathon(male) :- Stefni Baldini (Italy) [The distance to be covered in a marathon race is 42.195]
Marathon(female) :- Mizuki Noguchi (Japan)

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