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Annexation of Avadh



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Avadh Anglo Afghan Wars:

  • First War (1839-42): Arose because the British (Lord Auckland wanted to replace Dost Muhammad with a puppet ruler, Shah Shuja)
  • The British faced a popular revolt but were able to re-occupy Kabul. However, they had to restore the throne to Dost Muhammad.
  • Second War (1878-80): Afghan ruler, Sher Ali, was defeated by Lord Lytton and his son signed the Treaty of Gandamak. A British resident was kept in Kabul. After he was killed. British adopted the principle of non-interference (Lord Ripon)
The Nawab of Avadh had many heirs and could not therefore be covered by the Doctrine of Lapse. Some other pretext had to be found for depriving him of his dominions. Nawab Wajid Ali Shah was accused of having misgoverned his state and of refusing to introduce reforms. His state was therefore annexed in 1856.

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