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Anglo Nepal War The British acquired the districts of Gorakhpur and Basti from the Nawab of Awadh in 1801. This brought the boundary of Nepal, a powerful Gurkha state, to touch the British frontier. Several battles were fought between the British and the Gurkha in 1814. The Gurkhas were forced to sign the Treaty of Sagauli(1816). Under the Treaty, the Gurkhas gave up their claim over the Tarai region. They also agreed to keep a British Resident at Kathmandu and not to employ any other foreigner in their services other than the English.

Another treaty, the Treaty of Chogyal (1817) was signed between the English and Nepal. Governor-General Lord Hastings handed over the territory lying between the Tista and the Mechirivers to Nepal. This created an effective barrier between the British territories and Nepal. The treaty also ended the dominations of Nepal over Sikkim for the future.

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