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Alexander Invasion



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Alexander the Great In the fourth century BC, the Greeks and the Iranians fought for the supremacy of the world. The Greek ruler Alexander conquered not only Asia Minor and Iraq but also Iran. From Iran, he marched to India, obviously attracted by its great wealth. Alexander conquered principalities one by one. Among the rulers of these territories, two were well-known: Ambhi, the prince of Taxila, and Porus whose kingdom lay between the Jhelum and the Chenab. After the conquest of Iran, Alexander moved on to Kabul, from where he marched India through the Khyber Pass. Ambhi, the ruler of Taxila, readily submitted to the invader, augmented his army and replenished his treasure. Alexander remained in India for 19 months (326-325 BC), which were full of fighting. He had barely any time to organize his of the conquest. Still, he made some arrangements. Most of the conquered states were restored to their rulers who submitted to his authority. But his own territorial possessions were divided into three parts, which were placed under three Greek governors.

Alexander Invasion
  • Alexander marched to India through the Khyber Pass in 326 BC
  • His advance was checked on the bank of the Beas because of the mutiny of his soldiers
  • In 325 BC, he began his homeguard journey.
  • In 324 BC, he reached Susa in Persia and died the next year.

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