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The Portuguese

Vasco da Gama Vasco-da-Gama Discovers Sea Route to India : India had commerical relations with the countries of the west from time immemorial. But from the seventh century AD, her sea borne trade passed into the hands of the Arabs, who began to dominate the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea. It was from then that the enterprising merchants of Venice and Genos purchased Indian Goods. The geographical discoveries of the last quarter of the fifteenth century deeply affectd the commerical relations of the different countries of the world and produced far-reaching consequences in their history. Bartholomew Diaz doubled the Cape of Good Hope, or the Stormy Cape, as he called it, in 1487; and Vasco de Gama found out a new route to India and reached the famous port of Calicut on the 17th May, 1498.

      On his arrival at Calicat, Vasco de Gama was received by its Hindu ruler, known by the title of Zamorin. The arrival of Vasco de Gama led to the establishment of trading stations at Calicat.

Portuguese Chronology
1498 Vasco de Gama found a new roue to India and reached the port of Calicut.
1502 Vasco de Gama established a factory at Cochin
1505 Francis co de Almeida became the first Portuguese governor in India
1510 Albuquerque succeeded Almeida as governor. Defeat of the combined fleet of Gujarat, Egypt and Zamorin at the hands of Almeida
1530 Governor Nino da Cunha transferred his capital from Cochin to Goa.
1534 Diu and Bassein were acquired from Bahadur Shah of Gujarat.
1535 Subjugation of Diu
1542 Martin Alfonso de Souza became new governor during his governorship. The famous Jesuit Saint Franciso Xaveir arrived in India
1559 Subjugation of Diu
1612 Loss of Surat to the English
1631 Loss of Hugli to Qasim Khan, a Mughal role
1661 Portuguese King presents Bombay to his
1739 Salsethte and Bassein are lost to the Marathas

Vasco-de-Gama estblished a factory at Cochin in 1502. He was followed by Alfonso de Albuquerque in 1503. In 1505, th portuguese decided to appoint a governor to look after their Indian affairs. Franicsco de Almeida became the first governor. Albuquerque succeeded him in 1509. Albuquerque was the real founder of the Portuguese empire in the east.

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